Collagen in an innovative form

FizzyCollagen+ is the highest quality marine collagen, which positively affects hair, skin, nails, slows ageing processes, strengthens joints and bones.

FizzyCollagen+ is also a delicious and effective solution to boost your natural immunity and support proper functioning of your body.

What can you do to make your skin smooth, firm, and well-moisturised?

First of all, make sure to provide your body with a proper amount of collagen. With age, our bodies stop producing this element and the already existing collagen cells die in a natural process.

Body collagen deficiency cause wrinkles, skin dryness, joint problems, cellulite, stretch marks, and excessive hair loss (including alopecia).

About FizzyCollagen+
in a few words:

  • 20 effervescent tablets
  • Delicious strawberry flavour
  • 100% fish collagen
  • Vitamin C
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Wild rose flower extract
  • High-quality

Ingredients and their properties

Hydrolysed marine collagen (500 mg*)

The collagen is obtained from marine fish and has a structure similar to human collagen, therefore it provides better results than pork or bovine collagen. Collagen regenerates joints, affects skin hydration and the production of new cells. This makes skin look smooth, well-hydrated, and firm. Also, collagen removes and prevents wrinkles.

Vitamin C (180 mg*)

Stimulates collagen production and supports its absorption. L-ascorbic acid positively affects skin structure and complexion, also prevents discolourations. Vitamin C prevents wrinkles and boosts immunity system.

Wild rose flower extract (60 mg*)

This herb has a vast amount of beneficial properties: lowers the feeling of fatigue, boosts metabolism, smooths skin and alleviates problems with joints.

Potassium (160 mg*)

Regulates water-electrolyte body balance. This element is essential in the burning of proteins and carbohydrates. Also, it prevents the swelling of limbs and muscle cramps.

Sodium (360 mg*)

This element is essential for proper body functioning. Maintains blood pressure at a stable level and is responsible for the good functioning of nerves and muscles. This natural electrolyte positively affects body hydration.

* amount of nutrients per the recommended
daily intake (1 tablet)

FizzyCollagen+ does not contain low quality bovine or pork collagen. However, it contains collagen obtained from marine fish which is similar to human collagen in structure. This greatly improves its effectiveness. FizzyCollagen+ is a high-quality food supplement that you can trust.

How to use FizzyCollagen+

  • 1Pour 200 ml of cool water into a glass.
  • 2Add a tablet and wait for it to dissolve.
  • 3Drink it!
  • 4Enjoy the spectacular results!

Thousands of women worldwide are using collagen to take care of their health and beauty.

Their wrinkles are disappearing, crow’s feet are fading away, hair and nails become stronger, cellulite and stretch marks are less visible. Stop hiding your flaws under clothes and makeup – simply get rid of them with FizzyCollagen+!

An expert’s opinion about FizzyCollagen+

The slowing production of collagen within our bodies is a natural process. Unfortunately, as a result of this, we start to notice wrinkles, excessive hair loss, or joint problems. Many people try to slow down the ageing process with various expensive cosmetics, which are filled with chemical substances or undergo dangerous surgeries. I use products that contain collagen. This is a safe and effective method for beautiful skin, healthy bones and fortified joints. The most important advantage of the product is the fact that it contains marine fish collagen, which is better than bovine or pork gelatine. FizzyCollagen+ is a very interesting product on the market because it contains high-quality ingredients. It is a safe and effective product that I definitely recommend.

MD Jowita Jaskólska

What customers think about FizzyCollagen+

Due to age, my body is not producing as much collagen as I would like to. I have noticed this by the condition of my skin as well as problems with joints. I don’t like to swallow pills and the taste of fish collagen is not for me. That is why these tablets are salvation to me! These effervescent tablets have a delicious strawberry taste and made my skin look beautiful. They also fixed my joints. Now I am addicted to FizzyCollagen!

Joanna, 35 years old

Despite my young age, I had problems with my face. Grey complexion, dry skin full of discolourations, also those ugly wrinkles… I really had them for a few years. Without my makeup on I looked like a 40-year-old woman… Thanks to FizzyCollagen+ I am finally feeling like a 26-year-old. Fish collagen has awesome properties, but I have never thought that the results would be so spectacular. Now I am not ashamed to go out without wearing any makeup!

Martha, 26 years old

Recently I had a hip surgery. However, I started to feel a different pain. Unfortunately, It turned out that my joints were in bad shape. I was really scared of another operation. Since I’ve started drinking this collagen it is much better. My wife really likes it too. Her face looks so much younger! Even the most expensive creams did not give such wonderful results. I am very satisfied and so is my wife because the results are astonishing.

Jack, 48 years old

I am quite old and I know that I need to take care of my skin to look “decent”. FizzyCollagen+ is my top product! I love its taste and properties. It makes me feel so much better. What is more, my looks improved as well! These tablets don't have even one disadvantage and I could drink it all the time. However, I must be careful to not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Anna, 51 years old

The parcel has been delivered almost instantly, so I share my positive opinion too. I have just finished my 2nd tube and ordered another batch (for myself, my mom and my sister). This collagen is a revelation. I have never heard about such an awesome product before. You drink a strawberry drink and feel beautiful! I am going to buy this for my whole family for Christmas.

Patricia, 32 years old

Trust the highest quality marine fish collagen in an innovative form of an effervescent drink.

Get rid of wrinkles, crow’s feet, cellulite, joint pain, excessive hair loss, and stretch marks! Take care of your skin and body with the proper amount of collagen.

Frequently asked question:

The effervescent tablets of FizzyCollagen+ are for adults, who want to take care of their health and complexion. This innovative formula has beneficial properties for skin, hair, nails, immune system, metabolism, nervous system, water-electrolyte balance.
FizzyCollagen+ is a completely safe formula which consists of natural ingredients. The supplement does not cause any side effects and can be considered absolutely safe.
You should only use 1 tablet per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily serving.
One tube contains 10 effervescent tablets, each tablet weights approximately 4 g (±5%).
It is recommended to store the product in a dry place at a temperature below 25C in a sealed container. Keep away from direct sunlight and small children.
The orders are processed within 24h. The parcels are delivered in 2-3 working days.
Yes, but this payment option is available in only selected countries.
Yes, we deliver our products worldwide.